Active stay in Hällefors Hostel

Enjoy different Outdoor Activities in 3 days/4 nights

You will discover the beautiful Swedish nature during a canoetour on the Svartälven-river, a biketour around a big lake and a hiketour on the famous Silverleden.  This all in combination with staying overnight in our Hostel.

After arrival at the Hostel/Canoecenter, you will get all the detailed information and will we, together with you, decide the order of the activities for the following days.  You will paddle your canoetour on the most beautiful part of the Svartälven-river. The biketour goes around the Torrvarpen-lake with beaches and the picturesque village of Grythyttan. The hiketour leads you over the Silverleden hiking-track with his wonderful views.

Prices 2018

SEK 1850 per Adult  (min. of 2 persons)  SEK 1650 per Child (until 15 y.) 

  • 4 Nights in double- or family-room in hostel,
  • One day canoe, incl. paddles & lifejackets
  • One day bikes, incl. helmet
  • One day hiketour
  • Maps and transfers

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Interested in an alternative program? Please contact us with your wishes.

adventure track  kanot 237

Canoe & Adventure Trail in 2 days

Enjoy a first the Hällefors Adventure Track and then a perfect canoetour on the most beautiful part of the svartälven river, between Älvsjöhyttan and Örlingsdammen. We make it possible during your stay at our hostel.

Prices 2018

SEK 1460 / per Adult,  SEK 1300 kr / per Child (12-15 y.)

  • Part in a canoe with paddle, life-jacket, map and transfer. 
  • One round on Adventure Trail 
  • Two nights at the hostel (in double- or family-room)

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Interested in an alternative program? Please contact us with your wishes.

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