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We recommend the local tour around Torrvarpen Lake for a visit to Grythyttan and beautiful beaches. We rent bicycles for day trips, in combination with other activities or at your summer house. Rent your bicycle at our place!

Mountain bike, SEK 550 per day (incl helmet and map)

We highly recommend to reservate in advance!


The distance of the Torrvarpen roundtour, with start and finish in Hällefors is about 40 km. 
This tour starts after road 63 to Grythyttan. Take sideroad to Smalviksvägen to the Sör-Älgen lake. Follow this road until Grythyttan for a visit/break, lunch or icecream. Next direction is towards Loka, over the Torrvarpsunds bridge. At Skatviken - go to the right along Torrvarpen-lake to Bovik. Follow the road until Lövnäsudden and further until Saxhyttan. On this road you can visit the beautiful Storsand-beach. After that through the little village of Saxhyttan towards Hällefors with possibillity to visit Nature reserve Knuthöjdsmossen before you will reach us again.
A map of this tour is included in the rental.




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Tips on what you can do during your expedition?

- Fishing on paddling adventures

- On all our tours you have the opportunity to see wild animals

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