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On all our tours, you have the possibility to see wildlife. Mostly beavers and various birdlife, but from time to time even the king of the forest itself, moose. Some of our visitors have been lucky enough to encounter swimming moose from their canoes.

On the shores, you can occasionally also see the tracks of other animals such as wolves. Being a very shy species, wolf encounters are unlikely as they keep away from people. However, our region is one of the most densely populated wolf areas of Scandinavia, where you have a decent chance of hearing them howl during the nights.

The largest predator in the Swedish wilderness is the brown bear, enjoying the taste of wild berries. Most commonly found in the northern part of the country, bears once in a while wander to the south to explore new territory.

A species which characterises our river and lake landscape is the osprey. This bird of prey is nesting on several of our tours and can frequently be seen hovering over the water in search of fish. In the water itself, loons/divers can be seen diving under the surface when you approach them with the canoe or kayak, or heard making their distinct breeding calls during the night.

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Tips on what you can do during your expedition?

- Fishing on paddling adventures

- On all our tours you have the opportunity to see wild animals

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