Family Tour package 5 days

Family trip on Svartälven river
The canoe trip begins with a transfer to a together agreed point from where you then paddle south to Hällefors. You can spend the night at the camp sites with shelters and fireplaces, or you can camp in the wilderness area somewhere along the river.

The trip is very well suited for families with children and it is good to swim and fish. And even for picking berries and mushroom (from middle of July to September). It starts with a transfer, has some easier portages and ends at our place in Hällefors.
Before the tour starts you get our maps and tour information and then even have the opportunity to rent extra equipment.
This is included in our basic equipment: Canoe incl. paddles, life jackets, canoe trolley, 1 barrel per canoe, seat cushions, tourbriefing, maps, nature card, shovel, bucket + sponge + 5m rope and transfer. With kayaks are even splashscreen included, as well as drybags instead of barrels. 

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Family adventure fun


Family tour in canoes


  • Family canoe tour 5 days/4 nights
  • 5 Days/4 Nights
  • 2 Adults + 2 Children
  • 2 Canoes
  • Basic equipment
  • Tour briefing
  • Naturecard
  • Transfer
  • (other compositions on request)

Family tour in double kayaks


  • 5 Days/4 nights in double kayaks
  • 5 Days/4 nights
  • 2 Adults + 2 children
  • 2 Double Kayaks
  • Basic equipment
  • Tour briefing
  • Naturecard
  • Transfer
  • (other compisitions on request)


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Extra Equipment 

4 - 8 days

10 - 15 days

Tent 2-3 pers 350 SEK 450 SEK
Groundmatrass 60 SEK 80 SEK
Gascooker incl pots and gas 350 SEK 450 SEK
Tarpaulin 80 SEK 120 SEK
Cutlery (per person) 50 SEK 75 SEK
Axe 50 SEK 75 SEK
Saw 50 SEK 75 SEK
Sleeping bag, incl innersheet 150 SEK 220 SEK
Fishing equipment set, incl bites 250 SEK 350 SEK
Extra packtunna, 60 L 150 SEK 200 SEK
Extra drybag, 20-35 L 80 SEK 120 SEK


 * Naturecard. Local authorities charge a fee for canoeguests paddling in the Svartälven area and hiking the Silverleden track. This 'Nature Card' gives you acces to prepared shelters, fire places, wood, toilets and garbage containers along the route. This card is included in our tour prices.


Linder Inkas 465-495-525 cm.                                           


Hiring Kayak as the other paddling nature-experience!

Vi have kayaks for starters and for more experienced
Kayaks are even often used as a supplement in a canoegroup with an odd number of participants
Oasis Rainbow

 Point 65 Jack

                                                                                    Point 65 Jack        

Hällefors, in the middle of the wilderness

We are located just 1 km from the center of Hällefors and centrally located for wilderness adventures. Near Svartälven, Silverleden, the nature reserve Knuthöjdsmossen and Grythyttan. An ideal starting point or destination for your canoe, kayak, hiking trip or one of our other outdoor activities!

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