Svartälven North / Beaver tour | Tyfors - Hällefors

A beautiful tour through the wilderness we recommend for anyone.
This expedition starts with a transfer to the starting point in Tyfors. You start of by paddling on the calm river with relatively narrow waters and smaller lakes towards Älvsjöhyttan. Here the river winds through beautiful wilderness where you can spot birds and beavers, and if you are lucky a moose. Following this, you will have option of paddling towards the west, on the narrow Tvärälven river. After crossing a few lakes, you will end up in the small town of Lesjöfors, where you have the opportunity to buy groceries.
Unquestionably, you will find good places for bathing and fishing, perfect nature camps with shelters and fireplaces, or your own nice spot in the forest, on a beach or on your 'own' island. After Silvergruvan, the river gets narrower again densely surrounded by forest, before you end your tour in Hällefors. In the briefing, before the start of your tour, we will provide some extra possibilities for extensions for the tour.
The perfect tour for beginners and families! 

- Total distance between 51 and 95 km.

- Duration between 4 and 11 days, depending on route and speed.

- Naturecard is included in our prices!

- Children up to 15 years receive a 50% discount! (with at least 2 adults)

It is even possible to extend this tour by continuing down on the southern part of Svartälven or on our Valegren round-tour (then 10-14 days).

Tyfors to Västra Sundsjön is another alternative which is possible for you to book.


Prices and other information

Prices 2021
Tour prices in Canoe
Per person   (min. 2 persons)
4 days/ 3 nights 1490 SEK
5 days/ 4 nights 1600 SEK 
8 days/ 7 nights 1750 SEK
10 days/ 9 nights 2050 SEK
11 days/ 10 nights 2200 SEK
15 days/ 14 nights 2800 SEK

Incl. basic equipment (paddle, life vest, canoe wheels, cushion, waterproof barrel, spade, bucket, sponge, rope, maps), tour briefing, nature card* and transportation


Tour prices in Kayak

Per person   (min. 2 persons)
4 days/ 3 nights  1950 SEK
5 days/ 4 nights  2150 SEK
8 days/ 7 nights  2450 SEK
10 days/ 9 nights 2840 SEK 
11 days/ 10 nights  3040 SEK
15 days/ 14 nights  3500 SEK
Incl. basic equipment (paddle, life vest, kayak wheels, cushion, fold-spade, sponge, 2 dry-bags, fold-bucket, rope, maps) tour briefing, nature card* and transportation.
Double kayaks prices on request.

* Naturecard. Local authorities charge a fee for canoeguests paddling in the Svartälven area and hiking the Silverleden track. This 'Nature Card' gives you acces to prepared shelters, fire places, wood, toilets and garbage containers along the route. This card is included in our tour prices.

Extra outdoor equipment
Canoe / Kayak models

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A beautiful tour through the wilderness we recommend for anyone.

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Hällefors, in the middle of the wilderness

We are located just 1 km from the center of Hällefors and centrally located for wilderness adventures. Near Svartälven, Silverleden, the nature reserve Knuthöjdsmossen and Grythyttan. An ideal starting point or destination for your canoe, kayak, hiking trip or one of our other outdoor activities!

Tips on what you can do during your expedition?

- Fishing on paddling adventures

- On all our tours you have the opportunity to see wild animals

Fixed packages for canoe or kayak?

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